Estadio Misael Delgado – Valencia, Venezuela

Estadio Misael DelgadoI have at least one more track from Venezuela to post.  There are several others here that are very nice, but the satellite photos are terrible (even worse than today’s).  When I saw some photos of the track at Estadio Misael Delgado, I couldn’t pass this one up. The Venezuelan flag is yellow, blue, and red, and that’s exactly what this track has – alternating yellow, blue and red lanes.  You sometimes see the two color alternating lanes, but three is extremely rare.  I think I’ve only seen this done on one or two other tracks so far.  They also have a third color, green, filling in the D-zones.  This makes for a very colorful track!

The stadium first opened in 1963, and was renovated last in 2001.  It’s capacity is listed as 10,000.  This facility was used when Valencia hosted the 1994 South American Games, but I’m not sure if athletics was held here or not, because the track is only six lanes.  I don’t see any other stadiums with tracks nearby though.


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