Estadio Metropolitano de Mérida – Mérida, Venezuela

Estadio Olímpico Metropolitano de MeridaWinter is upon us here in Minnesota already.  Earlier this week, the Minneapolis-St. Paul area got it with our first winter storm, earlier than usual.  The north metro and above got over a foot of snow and up to 15 inches in some spots.  Where I live in the south metro, we got more freezing rain instead and just a little snow, but it has been pretty cold since.  Since we got a little snow and we weren’t dumped on, I was able shovel off on full lane on the track at my school so I could still train outside.  So as I was bundling up with 4 layers of clothes this morning to get ready to head outside into wind chill temps of 7ºF (-14ºC), I started thinking how nice it would be to be training in South America right now instead.

So to Venezuela today for the next track, which is found at Estadio Metropolitano.  This stadium opened in 2005 and is part a sports complex called Five White Eagles.  It was built to be one of the host sites for both the National Games in 2005 and the America’s Cup in 2007.  With a capacity of 42,200, it is the fourth largest stadium in Venezuela.  The track has eight lanes, with the cool looking, alternating red and green lanes.  And the best thing about this track – no snow to worry about!


*Photo by Alexander Marcucci via

Google Maps Link


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