Leuven University Track – Leuven, Belgium

Leuven UniversityToday I have an interesting track to post from Belgium.  Aidan Curran of the Run and Jump blog shared this track with me last week on Twitter.  It is the Leuven University track and he ran here last week for a workout.  You can read about his visit to Leuven and his workout in his blog post HERE.  The unique thing about this track is that it is an actual oval shape.  Look at how long the curves are and how short the straights are.  Aidan estimates the straights to be about 30 meters in length.  The rumor on Twitter is that this track was designed for optimal 400m training.  Being a 400m runner myself, I’m not sure I would call this optimal.  I kind of like the straightaways.  On the facilities website, it didn’t have any specific details about the track.  The area for the throws must be outside the track somewhere.  Right next to this track, to the east, there is another stadium with a track.  Some time in the past few years, they expanded the seating there and actually put bleachers right over the top of the track.  The finished venue is viewable on the Google maps, but on Bing’s bird’s eye view, you can see the track before the addition.

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Google Maps Link

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