Stadio Pasquale Giannattasio – Rome, Italy

Stella PolarePrior to teams this week traveling to Palermo for their next task, they flew to Rome first on The Amazing Race.  Today’s track is the closest one to Leonardo de Vinci Airport.  Stadio Pasquale Giannattasio was formerly known as  Stadio Stella Polare (North Star Stadium), and was renamed in 2003 to honor the great Italian sprinter.  This track is located in a nice setting, surrounded by trees in a park, and less than a half mile from the Mediterranean coast.  The track has eight lanes with field events either inside or right outside lane #8.  The infield gets used for soccer as well.  The track is also used for the finish-line of the annual Sea of Rome 30km road race.

Bing Maps Link

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