Stadio Vito Schifani – Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Stadio Vito SchifaniLast night on The Amazing Race, the teams flew to Palermo, Sicily to get their next clue.  Just on the edge of the city, you will find today’s track at Stadio Vito Schifani.  Formerly known as Stadio della Palme, this looks like a nice facility is a very scenic setting.   The photos below were taken in 2008, and year after they held the Italian national championships here. Based on the Bing satellite photo HERE and some Facebook photos HERE though, this track underwent a resurfacing project a few years ago, and it was done in what looks like a unique way.  In the Facebook photos, it looks like the track is in a pretty rough and weathered condition.  What I think they may have done, was install a new black synthetic surface, and then painted it red, rather than installed a red synthetic surface.  This is why you see the black showing through in the Facebook photos.  And even though the infield appears to be in pretty bad shape, you can’t beat the views from the stands!

You can view some old race footage from a youth meet held here in 1979 on Vimeo.




*Photos by Dedda71 via

Google Maps Link

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