Kidd Brewer Stadium – Boone, NC

Appalachian State UniversityWith the college cross country season winding down with many conference meets happening this weekend, I’m going back to the college tracks again.  The next series will be the tracks of the Sun Belt Conference, and the first one comes from Appalachian State University.  The Mountaineers home track can be found at Kidd Brewer Stadium.  This stadium opened in 1962, and has been added on to numerous times over the years.  It’s seating capacity now is at 24,050 people.  This is the main stadium on campus and is used for football, so it’s nice to see that the track is still here.

The track has eight lanes. In the Google photo, you can see that they move in temporary bleachers for football games in the north D-zone.  Those are removed for the high jump after the season is over.  Space is pretty tight inside this stadium.  You can see the runways just for the long and triple jumps just outside the main straightaway at both ends.  The throws or located outside the stadium, near the baseball field toward the northwest.  The views from the track here are also pretty impressive.  Looks like a great facility!


*Photo by Tdog231x via

*Note – Being crazy busy over the past few days, I made a scheduling mistake with the dates of my posts.  As a result Kidd Brewer Stadium did not get posted yesterday like I had planned.  Today’s scheduled track will be posted later tonight instead.

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