Cluj Arena – Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Cluj ArenaHappy Halloween!  It’s back to real tracks again today, and on this spooky holiday, it’s only fitting to post a track Happy Halloweenlocated in this historic region that was once Transylvania.  Cluj Arena is a new stadium that opened just three years ago.  It replaced an older facility that opened in this spot a hundred year prior, in 1911.  The stadium holds 30,335 people and is used mostly for soccer, but it has a really nice track as well.  The track and all runways have the red surface, with a green synthetic surface surrounding them in the D-zones.  The track has eight lanes with the long and triple jumps right outside the backstretch.  All other field events are on the inside.  It looks like the seating is very close to the track which makes it nice for both the competitors as well as the spectators.  There is also a warm-up area underneath the stands.  Check out this nice video tour of this great-looking facility:


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