Čerťák – Harrachov, Czech Republic

ČerťákThe fourth stage of the Red Bull 400 series took place at today’s “track” at Čerťák, the final one that I have to post.  The third race was supposed to be run in Almaty, Kazakhstan, but I couldn’t find any information on the actual race itself.  I also saw that a race was supposed to happen in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, but nothing else to be found on that one either.

The Red Bull 40 Harrachov uphill 400-meter race took place on September 13th, and it looks just as difficult of the rest that I’ve posted.  Keep in mind, with an average incline of 40-45%, over 400 meters, these runners increase their elevation by almost 200 meters!  More photos and videos of the Harrachov race can be viewed HERE.  After looking at these events for the past few days, I now have something to add to my bucket-list.  While it looks incredibly tough and painful, it looks like an amazing challenge.

Red Bull běbu 400 Harrachov

*Photo by Jan Kasl via RedBull.com

Bing Maps Link


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