Planica Nordic Centre – Rateče, Slovenia

Letalnica bratov GorišekToday’s “track” is one that I happened to see last week.  It’s 400-meters in length, but not an oval, and it’s not flat.  It fact it’s about as far from flat as you can get.  For the past few years, Red Bull hosted Europe’s steepest 400m race at Planica Nordic Centre, a ski jump facility.  The course is straight, and straight up from the bottom of the ski jump hill to the top.  The average incline is a whopping 45%.  I’ve done my fair share of hill training, but nothing like this!  It would be kind of fun to try though, in a twisted self-torturing way.  The winning times in 2013 were 5:11 for the men and 6:38 for the women.  In September, they held this year’s race which was the fifth race of a series of uphill 400m races.

You can view a great photo gallery HERE.  And be sure to check out the video below:

Competitors - Action


Competitors - Action

Competitor - Action

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