UT Outdoor Track & field Facility – Toledo, OH

University of ToledoNext in the Mid-American Conference series is the UT Outdoor Track & field Facility, found on the campus of the University of Toledo, and it has a few interesting facts in it’s history.  The Rockets home track opened in 1963, with their first meet being a dual against Kent State on May 5th.  It has hosted the MAC championship meet five times over the years, most recently in 2006.  It was also the site of the Central Collegiate Championships in 1983.  This track was also used as the start/finish of the Glass City Marathon in the 70s.  And a university instructor by the name of Sy Mah taught PE courses on it; Mah is in the RRCA Hall of Fame and once held the world record for most marathons completed.  The Toledo Invitational is the big meet that is held here every spring, and in 2015 it will mark the 30th year of competition.

Now to the track itself.  It has eight full lanes, with a useable straightaway on both sides, which gives you the option picking the optimal wind direction for the sprints and hurdles.  And because this is a track & field-only facility, all field events can be contested on the inside of the track.  Seating for spectators is located on the east side of the track, right next to the Fetterman Indoor Training Center.  That facility, where you’ll find Toledo’s indoor football field, provides a great warm-up area for those midwestern spring meets with less than ideal weather conditions.

I’d like to thank my MAC insider, Jesse Squire, for providing me with much of this information and for sharing today’s photo of the UT track.  You can follow Jesse on Twitter, and be sure to check out his track/cross country/road racing website DailyRelay.com.

UT Track

*Photo by Jesse Squire.

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