Malmö Stadion – Malmö, Sweden

Malmö StadionAfter flying to Copenhagen on this week’s episode of The Amazing Race, teams mad the short drive to Malmö, Sweden for their next challenge.  Located in the center of the city, we find today’s track at Malmö Stadion.  It has been the home of the track club Malmö Allmänna Idrottsförening since it opened in 1958.  This is a multi-purpose facility, being used for both soccer and athletics, as well as being concert venue.  The seating capacity for the stadium is 14,000, and it can accommodate 12,500 more standing.  The track surface is fairly new and was installed a few years ago.  The future of this facility though is unknown.  A brand new stadium, Swedbank Stadion, was built just to the south, and a swimming complex was slated to be built on the site where Malmö Stadion is located.  I’m not sure what the status of that project currently is.


*Photo “Pano, Malmö Stadion” by PGN – via Wikimedia Commons

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