University Track – Muncie, IN

Ball State - old

Ball State - newThe next track of the Mid-American Conference is the home of the Ball State University Cardinals women’s track & field team.  University Track got an upgrade in 2012, and Bing has what is sort of a before and after version, defending on the view you use.  I’m posting both (old on top, new on bottom), mainly because in the old version, you see the high jump is located right in the middle of the infield.  This is not your typical spot for this event, and is the first time I’ve seen this before. The discus/hammer cage has been added in, so I’m guessing that is why the runways on to the east have been removed.  They also have ten full lanes here which is really nice for meets.  The open field to the north were the throws were held, now is a new artificial turf soccer field, so all field events are now inside the track.  I kind of like that little lookout post on the middle of the old track though.  They should have kept that.

Bing Maps Link


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