Roger Bannister Running Track – Oxford, England, U.K.

Roger Bannister Running TrackAfter completing their challenge in London in episode 2 of The Amazing Race, teams traveled to Oxford next.  Today’s track was actually shown is a brief, fly-over shot of the city.  Roger Bannister Running Track is owned and operated by Oxford University.  This track has a history that is older than any of the other tracks I posted besides Iffley_Road_Track,_Oxford_-_blue_plaquePanathenaic Stadium in Athens.  The first track that was here opened in 1876, replacing an older grass track located on a different part of the Oxford Campus.  It is most famously known as the site where Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile on May 6th, 1954.  Major improvements to this facility were completed in 2007, including a new synthetic track surface.  Iffley Road track was renamed to honor Sir Roger Bannister at the dedication of the new 6-lane track.  Oxford was a check-in point for teams on The Amazing Race this week, so I’m they have some kind of challenge here at the start of the next leg, like running a mile on this track.  I guess we’ll find out on Sunday when it airs.



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