New York East River Park Track – New York, NY

East River Park TrackThe new season of one of my favorite TV shows, The Amazing Race, just started, so once again I’ll be following along and posting tracks from places the teams race to.  In Episode 1, teams start the race in Times Square, in New York City.  Today’s track can be found about three miles from there, along the East River.  The New York East River Park Track is a 6-lane, rubber coated, all-weather track, found in East River Park.  This is the home facility of the East River Park Track Club.   While this track is located in a city park, it is fully marked, and has field events as well, so meets can be held here.  The high jump and throwing circles are found inside the north end.  There is a runway in the south D-zone, with a sandpit on one end, and pole vault pit on the other. This looks like a really cool track, surrounded by trees on one side and both ends, and the East River on the other side.  The Williamsburg Bridge can also be seen off in the near distance.

East River Park

*Photo from Google+

Google Maps Link

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