Miejski Stadion Lekkoatletyczny – Szczecin, Poland

Miejski Stadion LekkoatletycznyWe’re back to Poland today for another track.  This time it’s in Szczecin at Miejski Stadion Lekkoatletyczny (Municipal Athletics Stadium).  It has been owned and operated by the city since 1998.  The facility was here long before that though, opening in 1933.  The major international meet held here each year is the Janusz Kusocinski Memorial.  This year’s meet held in June marked the 60th year it has been held!  The Polish National Championships were also held here in July, the third time it has been contested at the stadium.  The track has a Tartan surface with eight lanes.  Since this is a athletics-only stadium, all field events are located on the inside.  Here’s a short video taken by a spectator in the bleachers, but you get a good look at the track and infield:

Miejski Stadion Lekkoatletyczny

*Photo from http://szczecin.fotopolska.eu/

Google Maps Link


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