Estádio dos Barreiros – Ribeira Brava, Portugal

Estádio dos BarreirosWe are in Portugal today, with the track found inside Estádio dos Barreiros.  I was searching for Madeira Sports Centre, the site of the European Cup Combined Events, 1st & 2nd League held early in July, but realized I had already posted it (and it’s one of the most scenic facilities I’ve posted).  I happened to see Estádio dos Barreiros, so I’m posting that one instead.  This is a very old stadium that first opened in 1927.  In fact, it was so old, a decision was made a few years ago to tear it down and rebuild a new 10,000+ seat stadium in this location. The destruction process already started in 2009, and the new version of the stadium will open next year, so the Google satellite photo is clearly outdated.  I’m posting it though, because it has something I haven’t seen before, and that’s the notch of grass in the north D-zone that is used for the shot put sector.  If you look closely, you’ll see they also have a couple extra patches of track surface installed on the inside for the high jump pits and a few other things.  The new stadium looks like it will be very nice, but unfortunately for track & field fans, the track is being removed.

Google Maps Link


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