Murry Bergtraum High School Track – New York, NY

Murry Bergtraum High SchoolOn this sad day in American history, it’s only appropriate to post a track from New York City.  This one today is the track of the Murry Bergtraum High School Blazers, and is actually the closest one to ground zero.  This is an interesting facility to post for a couple of reasons.  The obvious one is the shape of the track. The east end looks pretty normal, but the west end – not so much.  They obviously have a space issue to deal with here, so they west curve is squared off in order to fit the track in.  From a coaches point of view, I think this is a great way to do it.  You at least have one full curve to train on and practice running.  There are sharp curves in and out of the third “straight” on the west side, but they don’t look like they are too sharp to have to slow down much in order to make.  It’s also pretty rare to have a softball field found inside of a track.  There is one runway and pit for the long and triple jumps on the inside too.  The high school hasn’t used this track for competition in at least four years, but it certainly works for practice.  There are lane lines, starting lines, and exchange zones painted so it may have been used for meets in the past.

The second reason this facility stands out to me is its location – right below the Manhattan Bridge.  It’s also right next to the East River.  This unique backdrop results in some awesome views from the track, and ones that you can’t get anywhere else.

Manhattan Bridge



*Photos from Matthias Lang via flickr and 

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