Brit’s Pub – Minneapolis, MN

Brit's PubI have a unique post today, without a track but rather a runway instead, and a temporary one at that.  Brit’s Pub is located in downtown Minneapolis, and is known for having lawn bowling on their rooftop in the summer.  Recently they have been big supporters of track & field as well, hosting viewing parties for big meets like the world championships, and others.  Last Saturday, they hosted a unique event called Brit’s Pub Vault.  They installed a runway on the rooftop lawn, brought in a pit, and ran a big-time pole vaulting competition.  There were several different flights for both males and females, ranging from masters to pros, with the winners taking home a $1500 check.  The vaulting started in the afternoon, and finished up under the lights in front of a huge crowd. I was unable to make it there myself, but after watching the video below, I’m definitely going next year.  It looked like it was a great time, with a great atmosphere and some great vaulting!

BPV logoCheck out the links below for more coverage and some great photos:

BPV pic

*Photo by Paul Herda

Bing Maps Link



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