Sollentunavallen – Sollentuna, Sweden

SollentunaThe second leg of the Folksam Grand Prix in Sweden was held at today’s track.  Sollentuna GP was held on June 26th this summer at Sollentunavallen.  The facility opened in 1969 and it hosted the national championships that same year.  It was the site for the Swedish national meet three other times as well.  It is in a beautiful location right on the shores of Edsviken, a bay of the Baltic Sea.  The track is equally as nice, with a blue surface and gray (red in the Bing photo) D-zones and runways.  I also like the hillside seating on the western side of the track.  The facility was most recently renovated in 2012, and from the looks of it, a new track surface was probably installed at that time.


If you want a bouncy, first-hand view of what a lap on this track looks like, check out this video:

*Photo from

Bing Maps Link


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