Slottsskogsvallen – Gothenburg, Sweden

SlottsskogsvallenSweden has a three-meet grand prix series that was held in June and July, called the Folksam Grand Prix.  Today’s track was the site of the first meet held in Gothenburg.  Slottsskogsvallen was the site of Gothenburg GP on June 14.  This is a stadium that has a very long history, opening in 1923.  It is known for being one of the sites where Gunder Hägg set a world record.  Here it was his first world record in the mile on July 1st, 1942, with a time of 4:06.2.

The facility looks like it has a very nice set-up for track and field.  There are multiple runways and pits for the long and triple jumps.  The throws are on the inside.  Pole vault is outside the track.  The bleachers here can hold up to 8,480 people.  It looks like they are setting up for a concert in the Bing photo, but it was the best option compared to the other views that I could find.  Full results from the GP meet can be found HERE.

Here is a video from a meet in 2012 that provide a good look at the track:

Bing Maps Link


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