Aleppo International Stadium – Aleppo, Syria

Aleppo International StadiumI thought I had pretty much had every country in the world covered with at least one track, but realized that I had somehow missed Syria, and missed in a big way by overlooking Aleppo International Stadium.  This stadium opened in 2007 and is the largest in the country with a seating capacity of 53,200 people, and full capacity of 75,000.  It also has the longest construction phase of any facility I have come across, and it’s not even close.  They broke ground and started building the stadium in 1980, but it was halted a few years later due to financial difficulties.  It sat for two decades until 2003 when the work was resumed and finally finished.  The result is this nice looking stadium with a nice looking track.  The track is red, and has the blue surface installed around the outside, which matches the blue seats.  Overall, this facility has a great look to it. international stadium-8

Video slideshow of the stadium and track:

*Photo from

Google Maps Link


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