Grand Stade de Marrakech – Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech Great StadiumThe African Championships were held earlier this month at today’s featured track.   Grand Stade de Marrakech is a new facility that took seven years to build, and opened in 2011.  You’ll notice in the photos that this facility has an interesting look.  It is a perfect rectangle, with the entire space outside the track filled in with a synthetic surface.  It’s nice to have all the space, but certainly makes for some poor viewing from the corners.  They have three different surface colors here, which is pretty rare.  The track is your standard red, the D-zones are tan/yellow, and the outside is blue.  Regardless of the strange shape of the stadium, this is one great looking track.  And as a bonus, there is a second nearly identical track outside the stadium as well!

Marrakech Complex


Video from a meet held here in June:

Here’s a video that gives you a great sense of how far away the seats in the corners are from the track and infield.

*Photo from (There are lots of other photos too).

Google Maps Link

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