Sportplatz Haller Lend – Hall in Tirol, Austria

Sportplatz Haller LendIn researching yesterday’s track where the EVAC’s are being held, I noticed that the masters mountain running world championships will be held in Telfes im Stubai, Austria, so I looked to see if there were any tracks located there.  Unfortunately, there were not, but Innsbruck is less than 10 miles away and there are several tracks there.  I decided to post the track at Sportplatz Haller Lend because of its location right next to the Inn River.  It also has a very scenic backdrop with the mountains off in the distance.  This track itself is small with only four lanes.  The runways are located on the inside of the track, but I couldn’t tell where the throws are held.  From what I can gather, the facility was either built or at least renovated in 2004.  The bleachers can hold up to 2,000 people.  Even though it’s small, this track has some fantastic views!


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