Atatürk Sports Complex – Izmir, Turkey

Atatürk Sports ComplexToday’s track is the site of another masters championship meet.  This time it’s the European Veteran’s Athletics Championships which is being held right now in Izmir, Turkey.  The meet started on the 22nd of August and finishes on the 31st.  This is the 19th time this competition has been held.

There are actually two different tracks here that will both be used for the EVAC’s.  Izmir Atatürk Stadi, the main stadium, will be used for the shorter distance races and jumps.  The track to the west with the smaller stadium will be used for the distance races.  The throws will be contested in the area north of the main stadium.  Izmir Atatürk Stadi is an older stadium.  Construction started in 1964, but didn’t open until 1971.  It was most recently renovated in 2005.  There is seating for just over 51,000 people in the main stadium.  The second stadium is considerably smaller, with seating that looks to be maybe 1,000 people I’m guessing.

EVAC’s schedule and results can be found HERE.

Bing Maps Link

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