Estadio Nacional – San Jose, Costa Rica

National Stadium Costa RicaThis has been a bad week for posts.  I had a scheduling error earlier in the week.  And then yesterday, while in the middle of writing, my internet went down and stayed down until I went to bed (thank you Charter for staying on top NCCWMA 2014of this).  So this post was supposed to be yesterday’s track.  It’s found inside Costa Rica’s new national stadium.  This is a fantastic new facility that opened three years ago in 2011.  I’m posting this one today because it is the site of the 2014 North, Central American and Caribbean World Masters Athletics meet.  It started on Thursday, and wraps up today.  I didn’t even know this meet existed, but I’m excited to find out that it does.  I only wish I would have known earlier.  A trip to Costa Rica again would have been great!  It looks like this meet is held every two years.

This is a stadium that was completely financed by the government of China.  It replaced an older one that was located on this same spot.  The track has eight lanes.  There is a very large video scoreboard which is nice to have.  Seating inside the stadium is listed at 35,175.

NCCWMA Costa Rica

Meet Results

NCCWMA Website

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Google Maps Link

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