Corsair Stadium – Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica CollegeI was planning on yesterday’s track being the last from Los Angeles for a while, but after finding out about its history, I had to post another.  According to the Cal. St. L.A. media guide, their track was one of six that was built as a training facility for the 1984 Summer Olympic Games.  So of course I had to research the other five.  But based on the Spazio Mondo website, they installed their track surface at four different facilities for the Los Angeles Olympics.  I don’t know if this means there were only four new tracks then, or if four had Mondo, and two were something else.  All I could find though was the second new track at Santa Monica College.  A third track would obviously be at the L.A. Coliseum, which was the main stadium for the Games.  I could not find anything else as far as the other track(s).

So today I’m posting the track at Santa Monica College, the home of the Corsairs track & field teams.  Unlike yesterday’s track, this one looks like it has been updated more recently.  This track has eight lanes, with the synthetic surface installed in both D-zones.  Most field events are found on the inside here too.  This was also the home to the famous Santa Monica Track Club in the 1980’s, who was loaded with many of the sport’s top names, including Cal Lewis.  You can see some of their members’ historical performances HERE.  This club was stacked!

Google Maps Link


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