Royal High School Track – Simi Valley, CA

Royal High SchoolThere is a second high school in Simi Valley, and it’s found on the western side of the city.  Yesterday’s track at Simi Valley High School is on the eastern side.  Today’s it’s the home track of the Royal High School Highlanders and their track & field teams.  There are a couple interesting aspects to this facility that I noticed right away.  One is the two separate high jump areas found outside on the east end of the track.  This is a fantastic feature, and one that you don’t see very often.  I think this is the first one I’ve seen designed the way this one is.  Having two jumping areas makes this very nice for both practice as well as for meets.  The other thing that is a little unique is that the grass infield goes right up next to the runways on both ends.  Usually there is more of a buffer in between, but that doesn’t seem to be a possibility here based on the where football goalposts are.  You can’t see in the Google photo because they got cropped out, but there are two shot put sectors outside the southwest corner, and there are two discus cages in a field area to the northwest.

Google Maps Link

*Update – Here is the overhead view, which explains why the runway situation:

Royal High School overhead

2 thoughts on “Royal High School Track – Simi Valley, CA

  1. Here’s what this track should look like on Google Maps:,+Royal+Avenue,+Simi+Valley,+CA&hl=en&ll=34.261094,-118.771675&spn=0.002718,0.003661&sll=34.274808,-118.683586&sspn=0.122985,0.234318&oq=Royal+High+School&t=k&z=19
    The picture shows the track at a 45-degree angle, which may cause it to look like a regular track. In reality, it’s one of those infamous “Double Bend” tracks, like the one at Helsinki’s Olympic Stadium or Lausanne’s Stade Pontaise.

  2. You are right, the overhead view gives a better look at the actual track – short straights and long flat curves. Thanks!

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