Pico Canyon Elementary School Track – Stevenson Ranch, CA

Pico Canyon ElemLast week, I was in the Los Angeles area on vacation visiting family.  I happened to see several different tracks while driving around, and even more flying in and out of LAX, so an L.A. track series is going to be next.  I’m starting off with a unique one first, because it was just down the road from our hotel.  My track season is now finished, so I’ve switched to the roads for some cardio/endurance training now.  While out running one morning, I looked over and noticed a track at Pico Canyon Elementary School, so on my way back I swung behind the school to check it out.

From a distance, I could tell that this was a small track.  When I got up close, I realized that this might be the smallest track that I have ever seen.  I left the basketball court in the satellite photo as a size reference.  As you can see, you might be able to fit two basketball courts end to end on the inside of the track (maybe).    The width of a basketball court is wider though than the inside of the track, so it looks like the turf infield is roughly 12 yards across.  So I’m estimating that the length of the track would be about 120 meters.  It is a very nice, poured, synthetic surface, with four lanes painted.  On the inside, they have some fitness stations installed.  Clearly, this is not used for competition.  As a physical education teacher myself, I would love having this if I taught at the elementary level. It’s really nice.  I think the school does as well, because the track is featured in the top banner on their website!

Google Maps Link


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