St. Louis Park High School Track – St. Louis Park, MN

St Louis Park High SchoolTuesday night this week, I ran my final races of the 2014 season on today’s featured track.  USATF-Minnesota runs five all-comers meets on Tuesdays during the summer at the track at St. Louis Park High School.  They have done this for quite a few years now.  The meet last week had to be cancelled at the last minute, due to maintenance being done on the track that was not completed on time.  I found out later, that on the Monday before, there were no lane lines painted yet, which makes holding races kind of a problem.  When I got to the track this week, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they had resurfaced the whole track!  And with brand new lines, it looks fantastic now.

The USATF-MN Summer League meets are held in the evenings, and are partial meets, mixing up which races and field events are held at each meet.  This makes for some shorter meets which is nice.  However this week, there were over 300 competitors, ranging from age 4 to 74.  This resulted in 25 heats of the 100m, and a lot in the other races as well.  I was in heat #15 of the 200m, and we went off at about 9:35pm.  This was somewhat of an issue since the facility does not have lights.  The photo below was taken right after I was done with the 200m, and believe it or not, there are relay teams in the picture for the final event of the night, the 4x200m relay!

Night Track

I took some other photos when I first got here as well.  It really looks nice, as you can see:

St. Louis Park HS

St. Louis Park HS

St. Louis Park HS

St. Louis Park HS

St. Louis Park HS

St. Louis Park HS

There is one more meet remaining this summer.  It will be held on Tuesday, July 29th.

USATF-Minnesota Summer League Meet #4 Results

Google Maps Link

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