Estadio Mariano Melgar – Arequipa, Peru

Mariano Melgar StadiumThe Peruvian track series continues on.  For a small country, they sure do have a lot of nice synthetic tracks.  This one today is found inside Estadio Mariano Melgar.  This is an older stadium that was built in 1954.  It was renovated in 2001, which is most likely when the track surface was installed.  This one has a similar design and layout to several other tracks in Peru.  It has crossing runways at the north end for the pole vault and javelin.  The south end has the high jump area, with two notches taken out for the placement of the throwing cages.  There was some remodeling done a couple of years ago in 2011.  Below is a video giving some very detailed views of the stadium itself.  You also get a couple glimpses of the track.  The setting looks very nice too, with the mountains off in the background.


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