Estadio 25 de Noviembre – Moquegua, Peru ‎

Nov 25Estadio 25 de Noviembre is a newer facility in Peru that opened five years ago in 2009.  Like most of the tracks in this Peruvian series, this one also has just six lanes, but the colors this time look fantastic.  They use the full lane, alternating colors of red and yellow, and it turned out great.  Unfortunately, I could not find any really good photos of the track, or ones that were a big size.  Below is the best I could do.  I’m not sure about field events here either.  The satellite photo I used today is from Bing, and there is an empty lot right to the west of the stadium.  In the Google version, there is an old track there.  I did find a more recent aerial shot, and it looks like additional sports facilities have been built there.  My guess is that the field events now have a location outside the stadium, because there is nothing on the inside.  The entire interior of the track is grass.  Either way, this one looks great!


*Photo from

Bing Maps Link

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