Estadio Jorge Basadre Grohmann – Tacna, Peru

Estadio Jorge Basadre GrohmannUp next for our track & field facilities from Peru, we have a two-for-one deal today.  Estadio Jorge Basadre Grohmann has a nice track inside, as well as a second track right next to it, across the street.  This stadium first opened in 1954, but was renovated in 2004.  I’m starting to notice that a lot of these Peruvian tracks were installed at around the same time, in 2004 and 2005.  I’m finding some updated photos as well, so either the satellite pictures a really old, or another update of this facility has been done since it was taken.

This track inside the stadium has a similar design to the one yesterday.  Throws are all on the inside, but so are all of the jumps at this one.  The second track looks very nice as well.  I can’t tell for sure, but it may have more than the six lanes found inside the stadium.  The infield on the second track is artificial turf, and there are bleachers on both sides.  It’s hard to tell because the photo is cropped, but there is a runway for the long and triple jumps in the north end, with a sandpit on both ends of it.  The rest of the field events, if they have them here, would be on the outside of the track.


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