Varsity Centre – Toronto, Ontario

Varsity CentreI’m going to post one more track from Canada to wrap up this series, and this is one case where I saved the best for last.  This track today is found on the campus of the University of Toronto, and was the site of the High School Grand Prix held here May 9th and 10th.  The track at the Varsity Centre is just beautiful, and it looks like a top-notch venue.  It is an 8-lane track and is the home of the Varsity Blues track & field teams.  There is seating for 5,000 people.

Now to the Grand Prix.  Based on the photos and videos, this whole event looks like it was a great experience for the kids who came here, from all over Canada.  It looked very cool.  Working with high school athletes myself, I know my kids would love to go to something like this.  I’m actually pretty blown away by the event itself.  Check out the videos below. Click on “Playlist” in the upper left-hand corner to select other videos too.

flickr page with a HUGE gallery and tons of photos.

Facebook Page


*Photo from Diamond Schmitt Architects 

Bing Maps Link


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