Hayward Field – Eugene, OR

Hayward FieldTwo years ago today, I started Daily Track Pic, just to try something new and maybe learn a little bit about WordPress.  As it turns out, I’ve learned a lot more about the rest of the world, and a little more about the history of the sport of track & field/athletics.  And I have been able to live up to the blog’s name, and have posted a track every single day over the past two years.  So to mark the anniversary, which happens to coincide with a huge meet this weekend, the choice was pretty obvious which track to post today (even though I’ve already posted this one a couple of times).

The most famous track & field facility in the United States is Hayward Field.  This is the home facility of the University of Oregon Ducks.  The NCAA Outdoor Championships will be held here in two weeks.  This weekend though, the pros will be competing here in the next stage of the IAAF Diamond League, The Prefontiane Classic.  The stadium was built originally for football and opened here in 1919.  A cinder track was added two years later though, and the rest is history.  It is now a track & field only facility, with a capacity of 10,500 people.  Numerous meets are held here every year, ranging from local all-comers meets to national championships.  Racing on this track is definitely one thing that is toward the top of my bucket-list.  Some day…

The Pre Classic starts tonight and continues on tomorrow.  Meet results will be available HERE.  I’m using a Bing Maps photo today, with a rotated view for a new angle.  The track runs north-south.  This view is from the east, looking west.


Bing Maps Link

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