Del Sol High School Track – Paradise, NV

Del Sol HSOn Sunday, this season’s final episode of the The Amazing Race was aired, and it was a race to the finish line in Las Vegas for the final three teams.  The finish line was actually located in the center of a track, but unfortunately it was the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and not a running track.  In my search for track & field tracks in Las Vegas, I found a lot of nearly identical facilities located at high schools all over the city and area.  I chose the one at Del Sol High School simply because it is the closest to the airport, but it is representative of almost all the other tracks.  Here are the similar features that I noticed:

  • Red track surface with eight lanes.
  • All tracks positioned so the straightaways run north-south.
  • Sandpits and runways on the inside and in the same location, often with the different colored surface around them.
  • High jump inside with the oval approach area.
  • Same exact bleachers – Bigger home side on to the west, with the little extended section by the start/finish line.  Smaller visitors side on the east.
  • Most have a grass infield, but there are several that have artificial turf.

DSHS DragonsWhile their track and stadium my not be all that unique, DSHS does have a unique mascot.  Go Dragons!

Google Maps Link

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