Queensway Sports Complex – Wrexham, United Kingdom

WrexhamAfter teams on The Amazing Race this week landed in London, they traveled to Liverpool for the next roadblock, which happened to be held inside a stadium.  Unfortunately for track fans, Anfield Stadium does not have a track, and is used only for soccer.  In fact, in this episode, there were several soccer fields shown, a golf course, and even tennis courts could be seen in the background, but no tracks.  

Just outside Liverpool, in the city of Wrexham, you will find a really nice facility, and it is today’s featured track.  The athletics track at Queensway Sports Complex is another city owned facility, and is home of the Wrexham Athletics Club.  The club has a flickr page with some great photos taken both here and at other facilities.   They have eight lanes here.  All throwing events and the high jump are held on the inside of the track.  The pole vault and horizontal jumps are found on the outside of the main straight.  One set of bleachers is right there too, making for some great viewing of those events.


*Photo from http://www.wrexham.gov.uk/

Google Maps Link

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