Laird Stadium – Northfield, MN

Carleton CollegeThere is a another small private college in Northfield, and they have a great track as well.  The track at Laird Stadium is on the campus of Carleton College, and is the home facility of the Knights track & field teams.  The football team plays here also, so all field events are contested on the outside of the track.  This has been the site of the NCAA Division III national championship meet three times over the years.  The stadium recently completed a major renovation, due to the Canon River (located directly to the west) flooding in 2010 and causing tremendous damage.  You can view a photo gallery of the flooding HERE.  You can also watch a video showcasing the “new” facility after the renovation was completed HERE.  Underneath the stadium they have a track for training, that is just a long straightaway now.  Prior to the flood, it was a full loop, and there were turns on both ends.  They were the steepest banked turns I have ever seen.  You also had to watch out for the pillars as well.  It was definitely a one of a kind track under the stadium!

Google Maps Link


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