Cortina Track – Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

CortinaA few weeks ago, I was tipped off about today’s track by Twitter follower Red Shannon (@rojosports), with the incredible rock climbing picture below.  The picture came from an article about extreme hiking trails, and the photo was taken by Neil Wilkie.  Take a look at more of his amazing photos on his flickr page.  This track is located just a mile or so up the road from Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy, which was the site of the 1956 Winter Olympic Games.  It is found at the base of Punta Fiames, a major crag in the Pomagnon range of mountains of the Alps.  The “trail” they took to get to this view is the Michielli Strobel via ferrata.  You can read more about this route HERE.  

The track has six full lanes, and it is an all-weather surface.  It looks like the field events are found on the inside here.  The field is also used for soccer.  Beyond that, I could find no information on this facility.  There is only one other soccer field in Cortina, but it doesn’t have a track around it, and it’s located at the bottom of the ski jump.  I’ve come across a few tracks with some amazing scenery.  This one ranks right up there with some of the best.  Thanks Red for showing me this one!



And here is a video of the climb taken in 2009.  You can clearly see the track below:

Bing Maps Link


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