Estadio de La Cartuja – Seville, Spain

SevilleThe five remaining teams on The Amazing Race this week flew from Zurich to Seville for the next stage of the competition.  Today’s featured track is found at Estadio de La Cartuja, which is also known as Olympic Stadium of Seville, as it was part of their 2004 and 2008 Summer Olympics bids.  This stadium opened in 1999, and has a listed seating capacity of 57,619.  Even though the stadium is used mostly for soccer matches, you can see in the photo below that there is a ton of space outside the track.  This provides great viewing of the long and triple jumps, without feeling like the runways were squeezed in.  I also like how the two-color surface looks.  The stadium has been the host site of many different events, and is also a major concert venue.      


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