Sportanlage Sihlhölzli – Zurich, Switzerland

SihlholzhiAfter wrapping up last week’s, now on to this week’s episode of The Amazing Race.  There have been some really nice tracks in Switzerland, in the areas where the teams traveled and competed.  At the start of the show this week, teams had to get to the airport in Zurich before flying to Spain, so I’m going to post one more Swiss track.

Sportanlage Sihlhölzli is located in Sihlhölzli Park, a city park, and this one looks fantastic, both with its track surface and it’s surroundings.  Nestled right into the trees of the park, this track has an awesome red and blue surface.  It is an athletics-only facility, so all field events are on the inside of the track, except the shot put.   There are two big sandpits, with two runways and plenty of space, inside the south straightaway.  There are only six lanes, but it still looks great.  The surface was installed in 2005.  The park was established in the 1920’s, but the area has been used for recreation since the early 1800’s.

Sportanlage Sihlhölzli

*Photo from viernullvier’s flickr page.

Google Maps Link


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