Stadio Comunale – Chiasso, Switzerland

ChiassoI’m a little later than usual getting to The Amazing Race this week.  The teams traveled around quite a bit on Sunday’s episode, so I actually have a few good tracks to post.  Starting out, the remaining teams traveled from Rome to Chiasso, Switzerland.  Located close to the Italian border, this town of 8,000 has a very nice looking track at Stadio Comunale (Municipal Stadium).  The stadium first opened in 1969.  The track appears to have been recently resurfaced, now with the two-color, alternating lanes.  Like most European tracks, the field events are contested on the interior.  They have a double runway for the horizontal jumps, with a big sandpit on both ends, located right in front of the 1,160 seat bleachers.  There is additional tiered seating around the rest of the track.  The field here is also used for soccer, of course.  Looks like a nice facility!

You can view a photo gallery of the stadium with the old track HERE.

Photo 20.04.2013 18-31

*Photo from FuzzyDuck’s Schweizer Fuzzball


Bing Maps Link


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