Stuart & Suzanne Grant Stadium – Newark, DE

Grant StadiumIt seems like I’m kind of bouncing back and forth between the east coast and west coast for these past few college conference series’.  So it’s back to the east coast for the next one, the Colonial Athletic Association.  I’m going to start with the University of Delaware, and the Bluehens track at Stuart & Suzanne Grant Stadium.  This stadium was known at Delaware Mini Stadium, but was just renamed this winter.

This is a brand new track surface that was installed last summer (not reflected in the satellite photo), so this is the first season of use this spring.  The beautiful blue track replaces a standard red one.  It has eight full lanes, with most field events on the outside, because soccer also uses the stadium.  The high jump and two pole vault runways are the only ones on the inside.  I’m sure Delaware fans and teams are really excited with how this facility turned out.  It looks great!

View photo gallery of Stuart & Suzanne Grant Stadium HERE, and track installation photos HERE.

Check out the new blue track from the Delaware Open, held two weeks ago.

Grant Stadium

*Photo from

Bing Maps Link


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