Anteater Stadium – Irvine, CA

Anteater StadiumThis great looking, blue track today, is found on the University of California-Irvine campus and is next in the Big West Conference series.  Anteater Stadium is shared by both the soccer teams and the Anteater track & field teams.  They are hosting four home meets here this season

This track has eight full lanes.  Most field events are located outside the track.  You’ll notice that they have two runways for the horizontal jumps on the north side, along with one for the pole vault.  What is somewhat unique, is that there is only one pit on each, rather than two, like most places.  Two gives you more flexibility to adjust, based on weather and wind conditions.  Here at Anteater Stadium though, the winds are out of the west 95% of the time, so they don’t really need a second pit at the other end, or even a runway that runs north-south.  With this set-up, you know you will have a tailwind, pretty much every day.

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