Jack Rose Stadium – Long Beach, CA

Jack RoseLong Beach State is the site of the next Big West Conference track.  Jack Rose Track is the home of the 49ers track teams, who are hosting their only “home” meet of the season starting today.  Interestingly though, the Beach Invitational will not be held here on their own track, but at Cerritos College instead.  (Check back tomorrow for that track.)  This track looks to be pretty standard.  It does have nine lanes.  I couldn’t find any information on the facility, but it looks like it’s a little older.  There aren’t many tracks around though, where you can view a giant blue pyramid in the background.


*Photo from http://www.longbeachstate.com/

Google Maps Link

One thought on “Jack Rose Stadium – Long Beach, CA

  1. This track is soon to be replaced with some changes to the configuration. The track will shift to the east by some distance, with reconfiguration of some of the jump runways to outside of the track. Details are found in their media guide, but no formal announcements. The track subsurface and running surface will be replaced, with the rest of the expansion plans dependent on future funding.

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