Stadio delle Terme di Caracalla – Rome, Italy

RomeAfter not airing last week, The Amazing Race returned Sunday night.  This week, the remaining teams flew from Sri Lanka to Rome for the next stage of the race.  The Colosseum was featured in the background quite often.  One of the most famous (and sad in my opinion) venues in the world’s history, it did not appear to host athletics-type competitions.

Less than half a mile away however, there is a rather unique track & field facility.  Stadio delle Terme di Caracalla is just south of the Colosseum, and is practically surrounded by ancient Roman ruins.  It’s unique features, as you can see in the photos, are the three large trees located on the inside of the track.  The runway for the javelin goes right underneath one of them.  The hammer/discus cage is located between the trunks of the other two.  It looks really cool.

Looks in the photos however may not be truly representative of the condition of this facility.  A scathing review of this stadium can be found HERE.  Apparently, the track is in really bad shape.  It was last resurfaced in the 1970’s.  The track was first installed to be used during the 1960 Olympics, as a practice/training facility I assume.  It sounds like very little has been done to it since, but still gets used quite a bit.  It would be nice it this one got an overhaul.  It is in a great location, and the trees make it a truly unique facility.  This could be an awesome track & field venue, it some money was invested in it.


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2 thoughts on “Stadio delle Terme di Caracalla – Rome, Italy

  1. The link you gave for the review lead me to a malware site. I couldn’t even go back to the review page. You think you could cache it?

  2. Here is the review (Google translated from Italian) from

    Stadium “Nando Martellini” (Terme di Caracalla) – Rome

    Name : Stadio delle Terme di Caracalla “Nando Martellini” Year Built : N / A Region : Lazio City : Rome Address : Via Guido Pods 14

    Technical Specifications
    Track : Very Bad footrests : Sufficient Zone Heating : Outer ring of the track Parking : Inadequate Tribune : Sufficient Dressing : Good

    The stadium “Nando Martellini,” a symbol of the union between antiquity and sport, gives the view of a magnificent spectacle, with a view of the ruins of the Roman era that no area of the region can boast.

    Located in the city center, a short walk from the Colosseum or Circus Maximus, is often mistaken by tourists for another piece of Roman history to visit and photograph. And who can blame him?

    The last renovation of the track dates back to the 70s. At the time it was one of the best fields of the capital; the new track, new platforms, and a new placement of the coast (the old was on the grass, near the start of the 400), the stands are surrounded by typical pines Capitoline, helped to make the field, one of the most beautiful Rome.

    Over the years, however, the continued use and climatic conditions have led to a steady deterioration of its structure.
    The track , probably the biggest blot on the face of this historic sports center, consists of 8 lanes, plus a pistino external dirt and one in the inner mat.

    worst conditions can be found on the 100m straight used for most competitions and training: near the start of 100m, lanes 80 and 60 show the real you own holes which cause some discomfort to all the sprinters.

    The first lane differs from the others for its typical gray / blue, indicating a continued use; the lane is softer and more worn in the field.

    The footrests for the jumps in elevation and extension are numerous (3 lengthwise, a dual cassette for the auction and the half-moon tartan with 3 big bags for the top) but unfortunately the disuse or bad maintenance of the same, led to ‘abandonment of a platform of the long and the breakup of 2 of the 3 sacks for the top.

    Regarding the launch stage has 4 pegs for weight, 1 for the disk and the straight for the run of the javelin.
    Among the platforms for the weight only 2 have the bindings, indispensable for weightlifters (try to do jumping the auction without auction, to get an idea of handicap) the remaining 2 are unusable for official competitions.

    footrest of the disc, perfectly built, is in good condition. You can not say the same thing of the cage, which unfortunately is only approved for the launch of the disc, thus excludes the hammer throw.

    The stretch of track reserved for the javelin is raised a few inches above the ground, this allows the pitchers to steal some cm more than the actual performance.

    It ‘s also a small gym well equipped that you can use ONLY for those who are in possession of the card’s own technician.
    Who should not be in possession still has the chance to train with some traction at the bar located behind the ruins farther stadium .

    The changing rooms , fresh than 2 years, are in excellent condition, and you can use the showers for a fee.
    Since January 2013, the management of the field is passed to the FIDAL , who immediately took care of small works of restoration as the replacement of sand for jumps and small weld to the cage of the launches, decadent.

    The parking lot in front of the field, it is available to receive a limited number of vehicles. Fortunately there is a new park that overlooks Viale delle Terme.

    The field is now home to some sporadic manifestation independent school.

    Formerly the property was home to large events such as the Student Sports Games, or Trophy Bravin , but again because of the track are not possible manifestations of the highest caliber.

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