Sea Foam Stadium – St. Paul, MN

Sea Foam StadiumI’m posting a local track today, because I got to race here for the first time this past weekend.  Sea Foam Stadium is located on the campus Concordia University – St. Paul.  The track here has been the home of the Golden Bear track teams since the 2010 season.  Because of either weather or scheduling, I had not seen this track until Saturday, when they held the 4th Annual Holst Invitational.  They have a Beynon surface, and this may be my new favorite track in the Twin Cities metro area.  It seems very fast.  The football and soccer teams also use the field, so all field events except the high jump are located on the outside.  The only complaint I overheard during the day, was from the javelin people.  They don’t have a paved runway for that event, so the approach is on grass, hindering the throws.  Besides that, I love this facility.  I had a great 400m race too, in cold and windy conditions, so that doesn’t hurt my opinion either.

Before warming up, I snapped a few photos:

Sea Foam 1

Sea Foam 2

Google Maps Link 

2 thoughts on “Sea Foam Stadium – St. Paul, MN

  1. There was a race there on Saturday? Figures that I’d miss it. I don’t live too far from there and would have gone to take pictures of the events. I better update my calendar or something.

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