Irwin Belk Track – Rock Hill, SC ‎

Belk - WinthropThe track at Winthrop University is the final of the Big South Conference series, and is the last of three Irwin Belk tracks in the conference.  The EaglesBelk Track opened in 2005.  I love how this track looks with the alternating red and tan lanes.  The hammer/discus cage is located just outside.  The pole vault runways are right outside lane 8, with long and triple jump runways on the inside right there.  There are additional runways on the other side of the track as well.

The Eagles host three outdoor meet this year, concluding with the Big South Conference Championships.  The Winthrop Invitational was held the last weekend in March.  The Carolinas Cup was actually held just yesterday.  The conference meet will be next weekend.  Info for that meet can be found HERE.


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