Chick Hislop Track – Ogden, UT

Stewart StadiumI have really been impressed with the quality of the track & field facilities in the Big Sky Conference, and today’s track is just as nice as the previous ones I’ve posted.  Today we are on the Weber State campus, and the Wildcats track at Elizabeth Dee Shaw Stewart Stadium.  This 17,500-seat stadium has had some major upgrades installed in the past few years, including the new track surface and turf infield.  The old track used to be purple, but this new one has kind of a unique color it seems.  It’s hard to tell from what I have found online, but it’s either a dark purple, or almost a slate gray color.  Either way, it’s a nice looking track, as is the whole facility in general.  The bleachers on the east side are positioned on a hillside, and the mountains provide a beautiful backdrop.

The Wildcats will be hosting two meets here this season, with the first one being the Weber State Invitational on April 12th.  Below is a video taken during the 2011 renovation.  It’s mostly of the new artificial turf, but if you look closely, you can see the track surface just starting to get installed.

Google Maps Link

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