Macksville High School – Macksville, KS

Macksville HSThe track today comes via Twitter recommendation from David Berkowitz @SonOfSam0.  This uniquely shaped track is found at Macksville High School, and is the home of the Mustangs.  MHS is a small school with just over 100 students, 9-12th grades.  The population of Macksville in 549.  Because of its enrollment, they play in the smallest class for football here, whether it is 8-man or 9-man football in Kansas.  You can tell this by the smaller size of the football filed, with the middle of the field being the 40-yard line, rather than the standard 50.  And macksville_mustangsbecause of the smaller football field lined out inside the track, it makes the track appear to be larger than it actually is.  Based on the exchange zones, I would guess that this is a 400-meter track.  Even though it is probably a standard length, it certainly is not your standard shape.  It also has just five lanes, even on the main straightaway.  The high jump area on the infield is in a unique location and its positioned in a direction that is different from most.  Because of the shape of the track though, it must be placed where you have the space.

Most of the other tracks that I have posted that have a unique shape, were done so out of necessity.  Because of space restrictions, be it geographical, structural, of something else, they could not install a standard sized track and had to improvise.  At first glance, I thought that was the case here too.  The school limits the west end, and the field to the east limits the other end.  However, you will see the there is an open field to the north.  If they would have rotated the track 90°, a regulation shape would have fit.

Google Maps Link

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