Fredriksskans Stadion – Kalmar, Sweden

Fredriksskans StadionToday’s track of the day is one that I stumbled across earlier in the year, but didn’t get a chance to post.  Fredriksskans Stadion is found in Sweden, and there were a couple of reasons why this facility should out to me.  The first being that it is over 100 years old.  It was built in 1910.  And the second reason was its location, after seeing it on a map.  It’s fantastic!  It is situated on the shores of a small bay on the western side of the Gulf of Bothnia, which is the north arm of the Baltic Sea.  Definitely one of the more scenic track locations that I have come across.  The facilities for track & field are also very nice.  It’s a 6-lane track, and all of the field events are contested on the inside of it.  The bleachers on both side can hold up to 8,500 people.


Bing Map Link


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